Wakeboarding: Your Success Takes Planning

If you are getting ready for the Crescent Bar River Fest INT Wakeboard Competition, Wake girlcheck out these tips to have a successful run!

  1. MAKE A LIST of tricks you can do pretty consistently. Put them in an order that flows easily.
  2. Make a list of REALISTIC TRICKS you want to learn or are learning. Incorporate some in your run. It’s okay to try new things. You will get better through-out the season.
  3. Plan your run, WRITE IT DOWN. Be sure to look for duplicates and the 4 variation rule. Start with easiest trick first, progress to the hardest at the end of each pass.
  4. Practice the run using tricks you have listed. Ask yourself “does the run FLOW easily?” Practice every time you ride. Do your run first thing each time. You will not have time to warm up the day of the event. This will get you ready to do it right off the dock on event days.
  5. Have a BACKUP PLAN for falls. Know what tricks you will do in place of the trick you fell on when you get back up. Practice this.
  6. KNOW YOUR DIVISION, read the rule book or ask your coordinator. Remember you will improve from the beginning of the season to the end. Don’t sell yourself short.
  7. PRACTICE behind other boats other than your own if at all possible; the event may have different boats.
  8. Know your SPEED & ROPE LENGTH. Identify your rope length on your rope or take off any unnecessary lengths.
  9. Look at weather conditions, bring APPROPRIATE GEAR if necessary. Example: wet suit or heater tops.
  10. Rember that WEATHER is unpredictable and conditions may change. You many have to contend with wind or rain, so it is good to practice in those conditions.
  11. Be prepared when you come to the dock. Have all your GEAR READY to go. Tighten your bindings, untangle the rope, bring your life-jacket and helmet.
  12. HAVE FUN!

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August 4, 2017 Jacqueline Banks News No Comments