Crescent Bar River Fest is an event co-hosted by the INT League, Sunshine Marketing Inc. and Crescent Bar Inc. It is a festival to celebrate the history and future of this unique recreational community featuring a multitude of fun, family friendly events throughout the weekend.

This event is for the community of Crescent Bar, for those who permanently live in the Quincy area, and those who treasure Crescent Bar as their summer vacation spot. Together we can grow the Crescent Bar River Fest and help friends and families make wonderful memories for a lifetime!

Harold Stocks aka "Papa"

Harold Stocks aka “Papa”

The Stocks family, owners of Sunshine Marketing and the INT League a watersports event promotion company, have been coming to Crescent Bar for nearly 30 years. At first to compete in the waterski tournaments held in the channel in front of the park. Later Harold & Ellie Stocks purchased a home in the South Park where three generations of Stocks family members enjoyed summer vacations for many years. Unfortunately we lost Harold to cancer in 2007 and Ellie just last year. Crescent Bar means a lot to our family. We love the community and want to help  after a difficult summer.

Sunshine Marketing presented the River Fest concept to Crescent Bar Inc. in the fall of 2014. In November Crescent Bar Inc. approved Sunshine Marketing’s plan to host the first annual Crescent Bar River Fest!

The event organizers have worked closely with Grant County, the PUD, Sheriff’s office and other local government entities to obtain the proper permits and permissions to host River Fest.

Crescent Bar River Fest is supported by many local, regional and national sponsors.

-Jacqueline Banks
Event Director